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Talking Big Apple '75

This song is by Loudon Wainwright III and appears on the album T Shirt (1976).

Well there's all kinds of cities that I ramble around
But New York, New York, now there's a hell of a town
You know it ain't no lie, and it ain't no guff
They got five big boroughs chock full of stuff
They got skyscrapers, subways and a sea of humanity

Museums, libraries, culture galore
They got cable TV, how could you ask for more?
And if reality is your cup of meat
They got 42nd Street!
Take a stroll downtown and run the gauntlet

Well the mayor is the mayor call the mayor A Beam
Even dreamed this here big mac scheme
But that big scheme kind of petered out
And President Ford had to bail 'em out
I don't think his heart was in it though

If you like action, come to NYC
They got murder and rape and robbery
They got all kinds of violence can happen to you
They got broken glass and dog doo-doo
A Saturday night special every night of the week

They got bars in New York that never close
And bars where the people take off their clothes
And bars where the young folks dance all night and
Bars where a fella can pick a fight
If you want to, you can spend the night behind bars

Well, like I said before you know I ramble around
I meet a whole lot people out there who put New York down
Of course half of them ain't never been there
So some of that criticism just ain't fair

Sure I know New York is dirty and ugly and
Full of cockroaches and gonorrhea and rats and junkies and
Hookers and rude cab drivers
Bad air and bad vibes and unemployment and
They don't pick up the garbage

Oh, but it's not boring


Written by:

Loudon Wainwright III

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