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Something's Out To Get Me

This song is by Loudon Wainwright III and appears on the album Older Than My Old Man Now (2012).

Something's out to get me, something's on my trail
Something like that bird dog running down that quail
Maybe it's that hellhound, begging for my soul
Something's out to get me, and something's on a roll

Nothing used to get to me when I was young and strong
My foolish ways were wicked, yet I could do no wrong
I thought I was immortal, immunized from my own sin
Nothing used to get to me, but now something's moving in

Life's like an elevator, least that's what I have found
You push a lot of buttons, but what goes up comes down
Getting old might make you wiser, like they say it should
But getting old's just getting old, and old ain't much damn good

There's a natural order, least that's what I have found
There's a limit on the time you get to stick around
Book a table in a restaurant, but you can't sit there all night
There's another party waiting, and the maitre d's uptight

Something is relentless, like an ocean wave
You got to take it lying down, from the cradle to the grave
But if there's one small comfort, one thing I know is true
That something out to get me is out to get you too


Written by:

Loudon Wainwright III

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