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Just A John

This song is by Loudon Wainwright III and appears on the album Grown Man (1995).

I'm like my daddy I'm much the same
He loved to play that cheatin' game
Takin' my mother for a ride
Always havin' something on the side
After some scotches, some wine and some beers
Daddy'd come clean and he'd cry real tars
He'd beg forgiveness swear he'd behave
No longer king, he became her knave

You know that Woody Guthrie said it son
"The are more pretty girls than one"
Woody Allen he did it boy
Sowin' some seeds can destroy
I'm a catalyst I'm a contentious bone
Happy to break up your unhappy home
And with this weakness for the weaker sex
A look's a hook, a smile's a hex

Long legs beneath a short tight skirt
You just deserve your just dessert
Lipstick nail polish the paint is bait
To make a fella wanna pollinate
Resist temptation if you can
But the ocean always washes over castles made out of sand
And in the jungle you never say no
To her come hither you must go

Some dudes choose booze smack or crack
Other guys lose it all at the race track
Bu the ladies' man he's the biggest fool
He's a stooge, he's a chump, he's a tool
At her service eager to pleas
Lots of us got this dread disease
You might be thinkin' you're some kinda Don Juan
But in the end my friend you're just a John

Written by:

Loudon Wainwright III

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