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Harry's Wall

This song is by Loudon Wainwright III and appears on the album Therapy (1989).

Everywhere I go in this town, people recognize me
Probably 'cause they seen me singing these songs on TV
In the last few weeks I've found a gold-mine of exposure
My career is taking off, I'm a celebrity

The guy I buy my grape-fruit from smiles at me every morning
All the tellers at my bank are at my beckon call
Harry owns the shop in town where I take my dry cleaning
I gave him my 8x10 to hang up on his wall

Pretty soon I'll be a name in each and every household
My life-long dream is coming true it's happening for me
On the street the people stare and I can hear the whisper
"There he goes there's what's-his-name, we saw him on TV"

I try to be polite and friendly down-to-earth and normal
So when I walk away they'll say "He's just like you and me"
But there is a pressure it's so hard to act natural
When millions see you every week sing these songs on TV

The snooty waitress in the wine bar is acting pretty friendly
Fending off there friendly females is pretty damn tricky
The 8x10s on Harry's wall are stars you all have heard of
There's Frankie Vaughn, the Three Degrees, Chaz and Dave and me

All my life all I wanted was to be real famous
On a surname basis with a lot of matridees
I'm the talk and toast of this town listen to them murmur
"There he goes, there's what's-his-name we saw him on TV"

I'd like to take the time right now to thank all of the people
To hired me to write and sing these great songs on TV
It's advertising for myself I guess by now you've noticed
Almost all the songs I write somehow pertain to me

If you want an autograph, I can understand that.
I can be reached at this address, pencils ready, here we go.
What's-his-name 125 Parkway, London, NW 1 an 8x10 like Harry has
Will cost a little extra they're in demand
They're going fast send your request now

London is a lonely town but I am never lonely
Everybody knows me it's clear and plain to see
Yesterday a guy walked up he tapped me on the shoulder
He said, "Are you what's-his-name? I saw you on TV."
Yeah he said, "Are you what's-his-name? I saw you on TV."


Written by:

Loudon Wainwright III

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