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Double Lifetime

This song is by Loudon Wainwright III, features Ramblin' Jack Elliott and appears on the album Older Than My Old Man Now (2012).

I want a double lifetime, I wanna start over
One lifetime's not enough, I need another
Sixty-four years on a practice run
Practice makes perfect, I'm about half done
I want a double lifetime

I want a double lifetime, I don't wanna stuff it
Three score and ten just ain't enough, it
Feels like I finally got it all figured out
Almost free from the shame and the doubt
I want a double lifetime

A lot more time, that's what I need
I can make my move, I can do the deed
I know I'm greedy, but what do I care
For the afterlife, I don't wanna go there

I want a double lifetime, man I deserve it
I want it so bad, I even got the nerve
It's gonna take to get down on my bended knees
Making prayers, saying pretty please
Give me a double lifetime

Let's play it, Jack! (Make mine a double!)

I want a double lifetime, I wasted my first one
The first time around, that's always the worst one
You don't know what you're doing and you just can't wait
You go ahead and do it and then it's too late
You need a double lifetime

A lot of double life, in public and private
I wanna lead it again, I'm not gonna deny it
I'm just like you, it's true, you know
Ask yourself: are you ready to go?
You want a double lifetime

Yeah, a little more time 'cause you know I never
Wanna keep living forever and ever
I know it sounds funny, and truth be told
But 120 don't seem that old

I want a double lifetime, not gonna get it
But if a miracle happens, you know I'm gonna let it
If I eat enough yogurt, maybe I might
And the second time around, I'm gonna get it right
Gimme a double lifetime

That's getting good there... (That's getting good there...)


Written by:

Loudon Wainwright III

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