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Lou Christie (1963)Edit

Lou Christie - Lou Christie
Lou Christie
  1. Two Faces Have I
  2. Mr. Tenor Man
  3. Have I Sinned
  4. All That Glitters Isn't Gold
  5. To Be Loved
  6. The Gypsy Cried
  7. How Many Teardrops
  8. Tonight (I Fell in Love)
  9. When You Dance
  10. Stay
  11. Tears on My Pillow
  12. You and I (Have a Right to Cry)

Lightnin' Strikes (1965)Edit

Lou Christie - Lightnin' Strikes
Lightnin' Strikes
  1. (There's) Always Something to Remind Me
  2. Since I Fell for You
  3. You've Got Your Troubles
  4. If I Fell
  5. Love Is Like a Heat Wave
  6. Going Out of My Head
  7. Trapeze
  8. Diary
  9. Jungle
  10. Crying in the Streets
  11. Baby, We Got to Run Away
  12. Lightnin' Strikes

Painter of Hits (1966)Edit

Lou Christie - Painter Of Hits
Painter of Hits
  1. Painter
  2. Lita
  3. Elusive Butterfly
  4. The Shadow of Your Smile
  5. Du Ronda
  6. Rhapsody in the Rain
  7. Back Track
  8. Summer Snow
  9. Everyone's Gone to the Moon
  10. Indian Summer
  11. Since I Don't Have You
  12. Hollywood's My Stop

I'm Gonna Make You Mine (1969)Edit

Lou Christie - I'm Gonna Make You Mine
I'm Gonna Make You Mine
  1. Are You Getting Any Sunshine
  2. Wonderful Dream
  3. It'll Take Time
  4. She Sold Me Magic
  5. I'm Gonna Make You Mine
  6. Down When It's Up, Up When It's Down
  7. Mickey's Monkey
  8. The Thought of Loving You
  9. Generation
  10. I'm Gonna Get Married

Paint America Love (1971)Edit

Lou Christie - Paint America Love
Paint America Love
  1. Wood Child
  2. Paper Song
  3. The Best Way to See America
  4. Chuckie Wagon
  5. Waco
  6. Campus Rest
  7. Lighthouse
  8. Look Out the Window
  9. Paint America Love

Lou Christie (1973)Edit

Lou Christie - Lou Christie (1973)
Lou Christie
  1. Saddle the Wind
  2. Wilma Lee and Stoney
  3. Blue Canadian Rocky Dream
  4. You Were the One
  5. Beyond the Blue Horizon
  6. Good Mornin'/Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
  7. Hay You Cajun
  8. Mack the Knife
  9. Sunbeam
  10. Morning Rider
Reissue bonus tracks
  1. Little Bit of God
  2. Wheel of Fortune
  3. There'll Never Be (A We Like You and Me)
  4. Two Little Clouds Passing By

Enlightnin'ment: The Best of Lou Christie (1988)Edit

Lou Christie - Enlightnin'ment- The Best Of Lou Christie
Enlightnin'ment: The Best of Lou Christie
  1. The Gypsy Cried
  2. Two Faces Have I
  3. Summer Snow
  4. Mr. Tenor Man
  5. Self Expression (The Kids on the Street Will Never Give In)
  6. Outside the Gates of Heaven
  7. How Many Teardrops
  8. Shy Boy
  9. Trapeze
  10. Lightnin' Strikes
  11. Cryin' in the Streets
  12. Rhapsody in the Rain
  13. Du Ronda
  14. Watch Your Heart After Dark
  15. If My Car Could Only Talk
  16. Shake Hands and Walk Away Crying
  17. Back to the Days of the Romans
  18. I'm Gonna Make You Mine

Other SongsEdit

  1. Beauty School Dropout
  2. Beyond The Blue Horizon/ko
  3. Build Me Up Buttercup
  4. How Many Tear Drops

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