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Wayward Girl Blues

This song is by Lottie Kimbrough and Winston Holmes and appears…

Holmes, spoken: Yee hoo! Hello, Lottie. Let's go down to the cabaret tonight and have a big time!
Kimbrough, spoken: Oh, I can't do it, buddy. I'm all in
Homes: Why, what's the matter?
Kimbrough: I've got the blues
Holmes: Why, tell me about it

Kimbrough, sung: I've got the blues from my mother's knee
And I know she's got the blues for me (Hey, hey)

I've been thinking all day, thinking of the past
And I'm thinking of my mother last (Oh, Lord!)

I received a letter, what do you suppose it read? (What'd it say?)
Says, "Come home, your poor old mother's dead." (What'd you do?)

Then I grabbed a train, I went home a-flying
She wasn't dead but she was slowly dying

Said, "Run here, daughter, fall down on your knees
Won't you sing, "Nearer My god, to Thee"?"

Fell on my knees, I began to moan
"Yes, dear mother, I'll try to sing that song"

The tears rolled down like the black showers of rain
"Goodbye, mother, I won't see you again"

Then I scampered away with fear in my heart
I had no mother here to take my part



  • Winston Homes: vocal harmony and commentary
  • Miles or Milas Pruitt: guitar

Note: Winston Homes' spoken asides once the singing has started are shown in parentheses

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