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Don't Speak to Me

This song is by Lottie Kimbrough and appears on the compilation album Complete Recordings in Chronological Order (1928-29) (1993) by Lottie Kimbrough, Winston Holmes and Charlie Turner and on the compilation The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (2006).

Holmes: Hello there, Jerry! Drop them dice, boy, and let me have that bottle of liquor
Jerry: Oh, looky-here. Here comes Lottie Beamon
Holmes: Hello, Kimbrough

Lottie Beamon: Don't speak to me, don't speak to me
If you're a friend to Jerry Lee
For he's a hustler, gambler too
He belongs to that gamblin' crew

Oh, boys and girls, take my advice
Quit playing cards and shooting dice
For in bad company, you must shun
From the policeman, you must run

Don't drink no booze, for it ain't no use
To end up in the calaboose
For you can shun the doctor's bill
By keeping away from the liquor still

Be careful where you always go
Don't be no thief, don't be no rogue
Go to church and Sunday school
Don't let nobody make you no fool

I'm going to leave and let you be
Take my advice and sympathy
For if you're wild, as wild can be
Just keep right on and don't speak to me



  • Miles or Milas Pruitt: guitar
  • Winston Holmes, spoken intro and singing on final verse
  • Jerry (?), speaking on intro

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