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Complete Recordings In Chronological Order (1928-29)Edit

Lottie Kimbrough And Winston Holmes And Charlie Turner - Complete Recordings in Chronological Order (1928-29)

Wayward Girl Blues

  1. Lost Lover Blues
  2. Wayward Girl Blues
  3. Rolling Log Blues
  4. Goin' Away Blues
(as Lottie Kimbrough)
  1. Blue World Blues
(as Lottie Beaman)
  1. Going Away Blues
  2. Rollin' Log Blues

Other SongsEdit

  1. Honey Blues
  2. Red River Blues

Additional information

Artist information:

b.1900, d.1967

Also known as:

  • Clara Cary
  • Jennie Brooks
  • Lena Kimbrough
  • Lottie Beaman
  • Lottie Brown
  • Lottie Emerson
  • Lottie Kimborough
  • Mae Moran
  • Martha Jackson
  • The Kansas City Butterball

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  • Winston Holmes


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