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This song is by Lotte Kestner and appears on the album The Bluebird of Happiness (2013).

My veins are full of poison
From staying up so long
But tonight I won't sleep, I promise
It is my watch, my love

My pockets full of breadcrumbs
We watch the ducks in pairs
And this time we won't say

"We forgot again to bring something for them"
I'm always on the run and I hate copy past for god's sake
It hardly seems important
To keep my dreams from you
But what language was that
And all the names we had
That I'd not heard before
Afraid I'm going to lose you
'Cause that's the way it works
When's the last time you said

"Everything's just so perfect the way it is
Everything's so perfect"

Written by:

Arnar Guðjónsson and Anna-Lynne Williams