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​Love Theme From Santo Gold

This song is by Lotion and appears on the album full Isaac (1994).

He can hear you laughing right through the door
I will draw the curtains, I'm funny that way
Stop the car, I'll beat it out of you
Cliche on a reference, it feels so good
No, I won't be sold till I see her face
We got so involved, we couldn't hear a thing
And if you're sitting next to us, you'll want to move away
'Cause when it goes, it goes
But while you're here you don't know how I love it
I'm at the bottom I won't admit it
I've lost my senses
All my possessions
I've lost the good stuff
I will be sorry
I've lost the good stuff
I will be sorry
You get behind me
You get above me
Without your whispers
Without your kisses
I am a cipher
I am a cipher
You light the pilot
You make the metaphor come true
There's too much time to think