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It's So Sad

This song is by Lost Dogs and appears on the album MUTT (2004).

This song is a cover of "It's So Sad" by 77s.
Morning after morning
Day after day
Life goes on
In the same old way
No variation
Or so it seems
Sometimes we realize
Our nightmares
Not our dreams

Oh, It's sad
Whoa-oh, It's so sad
When someone says they
Found The Answer
You tell him you're
Not really doing
That bad

They're trying to buy heaven
Right here on earth
The cost will always end up
More than it's worth
You ponder living
You wonder why
No matter what you do
You're still going to die

Guilt is in your conscience
Pain in your soul
Feel's like you're falling
Down a deep dark hole
You drink that whiskey
You smoke that pot
Twenty more years
What in hell have you got

When Jesus says that He's the answer
You tell him you're
Not really doing
That bad


Written by:

Mark Proctor

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