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Porn Star

This song is by Los Lonely Boys and appears on the album Rockpango (2011).

I'm in love with a porn star
She's drives a big ol car
And she's the apple of my eye
I don't care what the people say
I'm gonna love her anyway
'Cause she's the sunlight that brightens up my day
Hey hey hey

I'm gonna take her out tonight
We're gonna have a big ol time
Gonna get lost in ecstasy
She keeps me hypnotized
The way she moves those hips and thighs
Hot dog hot diggity dang
Hey hey hey

I don't know just what I'd do
If I lost my baby boo
'Cause she's the song and I'm the melody
When I'm down she's a pick-me-up
She's the sugar in my pucky cup
She's the wine and I'm her crème brulee
Hey hey hey

She's screaming appeal
She's walking in sexy heels
Her body's banging
Dressed like a holster
That's how it feels
She knows what I like and what excites me
I fiend for her nightly
The type that I be wishing to wifey
But I'm opened up like a book to her potent love
I show her love
All on my wall I hang her posters up
I type her name my heart's window will open up
She never puts up a fuss
I'm with her 'cause it's just a plus

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