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You'll Need Those Fingers for Crossing

This song is by Los Campesinos! and appears on the album We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed (2008).

I can taste the blood on your lips and on your tongue
I can see your teeth turn pink, your gums fade to white

The less and less I eat the more you see my teeth;
The closer they move together, fill the gaps, curse the weather.
Rip the flesh from your bones,
Wipe me down, drive me home
Dump me side of the road if I'm too annoying

Wear your best suit, all these people are watching
Oh baby, you'll need all those fingers for crossing
I'm sucking your last words from the back of your throat -
So perfect, so bitter, we laugh then we choke

You worry a million raindrops'll die with their last memory of you and I
In a soft porn version of the end of the world
I quake at the knees as my intentions unfurl
You wrote a letter to God ("just in case") you said,
"I'm nothing if I'm not a pragmatist".
"You needn't worry about us, we can look after ourselves,
We have learnt not to rely on you or anyone else".


Written by:

Gareth Campesinos! and Tom Campesinos!

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