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Light Leaves, Dark Sees Pt. II

This song is by Los Campesinos! and appears on the album Hello Sadness (2011).

I part the curtains of your hair
And all the light of the sun floods the room, poured from your sleepy stare
2 seconds each morning without fail
Before I enter the abattoir to see my insides hanging there
But they request that I leave 'cause my sad eyes are too much to bear

When the light leaves, then the dark sees

Your hands to your hips now: 2 swan necks
Curl between pelvis with stretch-marks and shoulders with those freckle flecks
The pain of the silence before bed
Oh for the sound of your pissing through the thin walls, or stroking your head
But for the shadows and doom and the sorrow we seem to have bred

When the light leaves, then the dark sees

Written by:

Los Campesinos!