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Hello Sadness

This song is by Los Campesinos! and appears on the album Hello Sadness (2011).

A wishbone hangs between your breasts
I hope you haven't pulled it yet
And if this little finger doesn't have the strength
Then I'm scared that this bird's back bone breaks

It's only hope that springs eternal
And that's the reason why
This dripping from my broken heart
Is never running dry

I wear a ring of your lipstick
Round the knuckle of my 4th digit, it
Reminds me what our bodies sowed
It will do until we are betrothed

The space between your naval
And your waistband was the ice
Where two fingers pirouette, but
Now these hang nails they just slice

Your tongue the tide
Your lips the shore
I am the jetsam overboard
Goodbye courage
I christen all the ships that sail
On your little kisses' saliva trails
Goodbye courage
Hello sadness again

Little kisses come to pass
Then goodbye courage, hello sadness

Now that those 4 fingers gone
You leave me only with my thumb
That constantly is pointing down
The emperor bears teeth not frown


Written by:

Los Campesinos!

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