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This song is by Lori Watson.

The yella-haired laddie he's handsome and fine
Wi cheeks like the red rose, his e'en how they shine
An saftly he sings as the merl on the tree
An dearly I'd lo him gin he wid lo me
My faither has riches an men at his ca
The yella-haired laddie he's naithin at a
It maks him sae bashful an little kens he
How dearly I'd lo him gin he wid lo me
There's mealy mou'd Andrew cams up fae the mill
An lang Will the fairmer cams doon fae the hill
They crack wi ma faither o markets an kye
As gin wi their siller my love they could buy
There's Adam the factor, he scrapes an he bows
An ca's on the starns a tae witness his vows
But he coorts my tocher an sae he is free
Tae mairry my tocher, he'll ne'er mairry me
The maid she sang freely as she milket her kye
The yella-haired laddie stood listenin near by
Though mither should flyt an though faither should ban
The yella-haired laddie wid be my guid man
She sang wi sae saft and enchantin a soond
That silvans an faeries, unseen, danced aroon
The laddie sprang forth, an e'er she kent who
He'd sealed a her wishes wi kisses sae true