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Sneakin' In

This song is by Loretta Lynn and appears on the album Your Squaw Is On The Warpath (1969).

It's now three o'clock in the morning
The doorknob turns and you tiptoe to bed
You think you're sneakin' in you should know better
I know exactly what goes on inside your head.

You've been with the boys so you'll tell me
It's a lie because I know right where you've been
I followed you tonight and watched you kiss her
Don't be so quite 'cause you're not sneakin' in.

Next time you're sneakin' in ring the doorbell
'Cause I won't be here to see the shape you're in
I've been losin' lots of sleep over nothin'
And I'm tired of hearin' nothin' sneakin' in.

And I'm tired of hearin' nothin' sneakin' in...

Written by:

Loretta Lynn

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