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Lust (1991)Edit

Lords Of Acid - Lust
  1. Take Control
  2. Rough Sex
  3. Let's Get High
  4. The Most Wonderful Girl
  5. I Sit on Acid (Original)
  6. Spacy Bitch
  7. Pump My Body to the Top
  8. Mixed Emotions
  9. Lessons in Love
  10. Hey Ho!
  11. I Must Increase My Bust
  12. I Sit on Acid (Remix)
    1996 Remastered Re-Release:
  13. The Wet Dream
  14. Paris France
  15. I Sit on Acid '96

Voodoo-U (1994)Edit

Lords Of Acid - Voodoo-U
Original Release
  1. Voodoo-U
  2. The Crablouse
  3. She and Mrs. Jones
  4. Do What You Wanna Do
  5. Young Boys
  6. Out Comes the Evil
  7. Mister Machoman
  8. Marijuana in Your Brain
  9. Special Moments
  10. Dirty Willy
  11. Drink My Honey
  12. Blowing Up Your Mind
    1996 Re-Release
  13. Young Boys Go to Studio 54
  14. Lords on 45
  15. The Crablouse (Van Acker Mix)
  16. The Real Thing

Our Little Secret (1997)Edit

Lords Of Acid - Our Little Secret
Our Little Secret
  1. Lover (Cantata)
  2. Rubber Doll (Opus)
  3. Finger Lickin' Good
  4. LSD = Truth (Solo)
  5. Man's Best Friend
  6. Cybersex (Sherzo)
  7. Pussy (Round)
  8. Deep Sexy Space (Chorale)
  9. Doggie Tom (Overture)
  10. (Concerto For) Me And Myself
  11. Spank My Booty (Reprise)
  12. The Power is Mine (Coda)
  13. You Belong to Me (Theme)
  14. Horror Movie (Hidden Track)

Heaven Is an Orgasm (1998)Edit

Lords Of Acid - Heaven Is an Orgasm
Heaven Is an Orgasm
  1. Superstar
  2. Praise the Lords
  3. Stay Awake
  4. The Dude
  5. Feel So Alive
  6. Orchestral Sinsations
  7. Acid Queen
  8. The Mirror
  9. Robot Love
  10. Don't Kill for Love
  11. Undress and Possess
  12. She and Mr Jones - Uncensored

Farstucker (2001)Edit

Lords Of Acid - Farstucker
  1. Scrood Bi U
  2. Lover Boy/Lover Girl
  3. Rover Take Over
  4. Pain & Pleasure Concerto
  5. Slave to Love
  6. Sex Bomb
  7. Take Off
  8. Stripper
  9. Lucy's Fucking Sky
  10. (A Treatise on the Practical Methods Whereby One Can) Worship The Lords
  11. A Ride With Satan's Little Helpers
  12. Feed My Hungry Soul
  13. I Like It
  14. Surfin' Muncheez
  15. Get Up, Get High
  16. Dark Lover Rising
  17. Kiss Eternal
  18. Lick My Chakra
  19. Glad I'm Not God!
Bonus Tracks
  1. Venus
  2. Get Up and Jam

Deep Chills (2012)Edit

Lords of Acid - Deep Chills
Deep Chills
  1. Little Mighty Rabbit
  2. Drowning in Ecstasy
  3. Long Johns
  4. Sole Sucker
  5. Pop That Tooshie
  6. Love Bus
  7. Children of Acid
  8. Hot Magma
  9. Medicine Man
  10. Censorship Blows
  11. Slip 'n Slide
  12. Mary, Queen of Slots
  13. Paranormal Energy (featuring Zak Bagans)
  14. Surfin' Hedgehog

Other SongsEdit

  1. Am I Sexy? (1999)
  2. As I Am, Who Do You Think You Are? and Lady Marmalade from Expand Your Head (1999)
  3. Gimme Gimme (2003)
  4. Lucy's F*CK*NG Sky
  5. Nasty Love and Stoned on Love Again from Private Parts (2002)

Additional information

Years active:
  • 1988-present
Band members:
  • Maurice Engelen (aka Praga Khan) - synthesizers and programming, Vocals
  • Mea Fisher (aka DJ Mea) - Lead Vocals
  • Andre Karkos (aka Virus) - Guitars
  • Murv Douglas - Bass
  • Kirk Salvador - Drums and electronic percussion
Former members:
  • Nikkie Van Lierop (aka Jade 4U and Darling Nikkie) - Lead Vocals, synthesizers and programming
  • Olivier Adams - drums, Synthesizers and programming, vocals
  • Deborah Ostrega - Lead Vocals on Farstucker and Private Parts
  • Ludo Camberlin (aka Carl S. Johansen) - Guitars, synthesizers and programming
  • Ruth McArdle (aka Lady Galore and Cherrie Blue) - Vocals on Voodoo-U
Related artists:
Record labels:

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