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She's A Demon

This song is by Lordi and appears on the album Scare Force One (2014).

Dear mother how are you
I'm writhing you with news
I'm courting someone and it's serious
She is a maiden fair
As sweet as an éclair
And when she laughs it's so mellifluous

Looks like and angel fell on earth
There's just one thing about this girl

She is a demon
She is a demon
Can't help myself I lover her so
Yeah, she's a demon
Yes, she's a demon
The one I gave my heart and soul

Dear mom it's been a while
We've mover from Staten Isle
The constabled caught her ripping off heads
Now we live in the woods
So far she's being good
I love her sill but now her eyes glow red

Dear mother this might be goodbye
But know this
I have been happy my whole life

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