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How To Slice A Whore

This song is by Lordi and appears on the album Scare Force One (2014).

Have you ever felt like this
Pissed off at your bitch
We've got a way for you to scratch that itch
Our step by step dissection kit
Is sure to do the trick
No more of that face that makes you sick

So call this number
And order now
Guaranteed dirt slumber
We'll show you how

10, 9, 8, 7
6, 5, 4
3, 2, 1,
That's how you slice a whore

Scoop out those eyes this way
For seeing other guys
Carve off her lips for telling all those lies
Scissor off her finger tips
For gutting hang her by this
Butchers hook inserted through the spine

So enjoy today
Cause you will get caught
But that's A-Ok
Cause now the whore is gone

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