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This song is by Looptroop and appears on the album The Struggle Continues (2002) by Looptroop Rockers.

"Chorus: Welcome to the Looptroopland where I grew up man./ Don't dare to trespass you get chewed up and,/ spit out on the floor. You gon' do what man?/ Not a damn thing with your screwed up plans./ Welcome to the Looptroopland burning Ku Klux Klan./ Shine a light in the dark, time we move up man./ Touching hearts and heads like only true love can./ Ain't nothing sweet though, you don't want my crew god damn!

Welcome to a real live show where the stars shine bright.
You should be happy right now, we're servin' bars to bite.
See this is how we roll whether cars or bikes.
You gotta pump it real loud or you might cause a fight.
Because your people wanna hear this, their people wanna hear this,
And the police they fear this so of course they wanna hear this.
You're nowhere near this too slow to catch up,
Been around the world twice before you asked whutup.
Wack as fuck you open your gap too much.
Shut up and let us bless the crowd with some real master cuts:
"What are the leaders afraid of?"
Looptroop crew I tell you straight up.
Got my weight up - fully loaded nutsack.
Backpacker hiphop knock you out your rucksack.
Say: Fuck that! If we a hard act to follow.
Fuck that! 'Cause we are all that and y'all know
'Who's pickin' up the beautiful blondes, droppin' musical bombs,
While you bitchin' in your beauty salons.
You one minute fools - with two minute songs,
Can't fuck with the troop - we got too many songs!

Fuck y'all! We in here, ain't going nowhere.
Fuck y'all! We out there takin' care of binniz.
Take it to the streets if you feel like you can finish
Off what you started. This beat is four minutes
Of beef performed in it's purest form and it's
Got kids all over the world supporting it.
Your label got you gassed up in hype now you caught in it.
We're at their office right now extorting it!
Your gimmick is now to sit down and shut it,
When I spit something with your chick on my nuggets.
Answer y'all with your mothers! I ain't wastin' no time.
You can beef with the boys I got women to wine,
But I ain't spendin' a dime - I ain't standin' in line.
You the babblin' kind - while I'm handlin' mine.
Yo I spit it this time ain't no roadblock strong enough.
You and your crew is fallin' off when we're formin' up.
Before you know it we out on the freeway,
Windows down, burnin' 250 and we say: Welcome'

Welcome to where business is pleasure, and it's business as usual.
You bitches still hatin', well the feeling is mutual.
Welcome to the land of possibilities - where anyone can meet cop hostility.
No hospitality, no milk and honey.
Ain't no love in the land of filthy money.
This is the land of two way communication,
'Cause you got the right to say no before they smash your face in.
It's a nice place to go for a vacation.
They book your room with no view down at the station.
This is the place where everything we say is true,
And no matter what the government is here for you and you.
Welcome to a world of freedom fighters where we don't fight fair,
'Cause this is where they turn your dreams into your worst nightmares,
And put a bullet in your belly if you act up kid.
It's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't wanna live - in the'

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