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Looking for Love

This song is by Looptroop and appears on the album The Struggle Continues (2002) by Looptroop Rockers.

Ya, Looptroop (Looking for love)
Check it
The night was still young, she felt like a million bucks
Leaving behind the pain and the building blocks
Blocking the sunshine, mocking the young minds ducking from one time
To fly the nest and try the next
Leave it all, set out on her private quest
Not really sure what she looking for, but like
She knows that there must be more to life
Too many things trying to control her life
Like the career that she know ain't right
Or like the boyfriend that told her lies
Or her jealous friends, yo, it's only right
That I'm gone tonight, I wasn't meant to be
Trapped like this, physically and mentally
Only thing I'll miss will be my family
But I'm on the right path so don't cry for me

Cus I'm (Looking for love)
And you are (Looking for love)
We are all (Looking for love)

One love, one aim - different name, different city
Same old shitty pollution, this kid he sees no other solution
But to leave with the last train
He's tired of the fast lane and the acid rain
The massive pain that we all feel at times
But nobody else understands when we feel it, why?
No sympathy, no empathy, no love in the city, no identities
He went to sleep, when he awoke the next day
Looking out the train window, he sees he's halfway
To the promised land and face to face with a young woman
Ey, what's that song you humming?
It's the new Looptroop - Looking for Love or something
Oh, I ain't heard it yet, is it hot? Yeah, bumpin'
Can I hear it? Alright. Exchanging looks
Listen, it's just coming up to the hook

And I'm (Looking for love)
And you are (Looking for love)
They are both (Looking for love)
Cus we are all (Looking for love)
Looptroop Rockers
What? Check it
It don't stop
It can't stop
You can't stop love
Ya, last verse

The night was still young, their lives were still young
And who knows, they just might fulfil one
And another’s needs over this butter beat
It's a bitter sweet little lovers' theme
Cus some find love around the corner
Some never find it though they travel the four corners
Of the earth, but for what it's worth
I'm sure it's out there, I'll continue the search

Cus I'm (Looking for love)
And you are (Looking for love)
Cus we are all (Looking for love)
The whole word is (Looking for love)
Even George Bush is (Looking for love)
Usama bin Laden (Looking for love)
Even Sharon (Looking for love)
And Arafat (Looking for love)
They just don't know that they be (Looking for love)
Or they forgot that they be (Looking for love)
But I'm sure that they (Looking for love)
Cus everybody is (Looking for love)
Looptroop is (Looking for love)
Uh hu, Timbuk is (Looking for love)
Mobbade barn is (Looking for love)
And DJ Large is (Looking for love)
?????????? is (Looking for love)
My man Chords (Looking for love)
And ???????? (Looking for love)
??????????? (Looking for love)
Hela världen (Looking for, looking for...)
Looptroop, DVSG, come on, come on, come on

(Looking for love)

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