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Waiting For You

This song is by Long Since Forgotten and appears on the album Standing Room Only (2004).

Slow down, don't drive so fast!
You're scaring me when you scream
"I don't care if I crash this thing tonight,
A sudden stop is something like a change".
I'm reinventing this and other nights.
Faster won't mean your safer, you'll only run so far.
Big risks won't make this go away.
You're begging for more distance between the place
That you call home and the things you left behind.
They're waiting for you. So don't stop, just keep moving.
You're almost home, where you'll be safe inside
For one more night alone.
Close your eyes and make this night just end.

It doesn't matter where you're going.
It doesn't matter how fast you drive.
It doesn't matter, when you get there, they're waiting for you.

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