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Odd Walking Man

This song is by Long Beach Shortbus and appears on the album Flying Ship Of Fantasy (2006).

We're talking insults and we're painting with the traitor's brush
We broke the turnstiles and we waited for the human crush
We lit the bottles on the west side and we turned to go
Took the seat in the L.A. River, watched the L.A. River blow

Odd walking man who walks funny

There's nothing like the pike at night in psychedelic flow
There's nothing like a bikers wife with a 44
We took it to the top of the hill
And rode until the sun came up standing on an oil well

Odd walking man who walks funny

I know a king who sat upon the throne
Talked about the good old days and all the shit he used to own
He said it's easy, it's how I get my kicks
It's not the junk you throw away, it's about the junk you fix

Odd walking man who walks funny

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