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Lonely End

This song is by Long Beach Dub Allstars and appears on the album Wonders of the World (2001).

I make my own rules, I open my own doors.
I try to be on point.
Yes I go there everyday.
You see me on the streets, I go by many names.
I hear the people think I am strange.
I live my own life.
I'll do it my own way.
My actions and my words make my momma say,
"Boy you better watch out 'cause I got my eyes on you.
When your caught there's nothing you can do."
When I got caught I didn't care.
This might be hard to understand, my friend.

Let the humble be ground and beneath thee feet, as they kill over colors
Love is not as simple as love on the streets, so don't cry for my brothers.
Better watch your back, try not to stay.
When the shit goes down you better be away.
When the night falls it's time to say your prayers.

So I got caught, I didn't care.
This one might be your lonely end, my friend.

This might be hard to understand.
This one might be your lonely end, my friend... my friend

This one might be your lonely end.
This might be hard to understand my friend, my friend.

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