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With Me

This song is by Lonestar and appears on the album I'm Already There (2001) and on the compilation album From There to Here: Greatest Hits (2003).

Sometimes I feel just like a fly in a soup bowl
Sometimes I feel like I'm on top of the heap
Sometimes I feel like I'm the king of the castle
Sometimes I feel like just a bump on the street
I got my highs and lows
Some days it's touch and go
But baby, this I know

When you're with me
I feel like singing
It's like I'm swinging the whole planet on the end of my chain
Oh, when you kiss me
My head starts spinnin'
It's like you're sending the adrenaline
Straight to my brain
And it feels right as rain
All my worries wash away
When you're with me

You are a lazy summer day on a porch swing
You are a night running wild on the town
My red Ferrari racing me down a back street
My pick-me-up when I'm a little bit down
No matter where I go, whatever dice I roll
Baby, this I know

I got my highs and lows
No matter where I go
Baby, this I know

When you're with me,
I feel like singing.
My head starts spinning,
Feels right as rain.

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