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Victory Line

This song is by Lonely the Brave and appears on the album The Day's War (2014).

So our steps begin to synchronize,
And the words start spilling out.
And our hearts begin to beat in time,
As our eyes start filling out.

So we sat there,
As the stars they realigned
And you said
'Man, this should last forever',
We'd be taking off
Instead of coming down,
Breaking out
Instead of falling in.
So we lost of eyes for one last time,
To see it out
And see it come together.

I love when me and you,
When we come together
And we wrote
Our victory line
On that phone box
So it stays forever.

So we stayed awake
As long as we could go,
Cause goodbyes,
They beat you up.
And I saw
That it's the people that you know
That keep the unseen from your skin.
I'll take it all for one last time
And I'll see you
On that Victory Line,
I get a twitching in my vital signs
When I see it now,
See it come together.

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