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Trick of the Light

This song is by Lonely the Brave and appears on the album The Day's War (2014).

My head is ringing like it's never done before
And I don't think I'll be sleeping anymore
Your legs are twisted and your fingernails are claws
You stood there with your face turned to the door
I said, 'Am I doomed forever?;
Will this ending ever come?
Can someone give me something to call it off'
I crawled across the ceiling as you sunk beneath the floor
I don't think I can take this anymore

You come sneaking up on sleeping eyes
And I swear it's always just a trick of the light
Don't you wake me up I'm dreaming out
And I swear it's always just a trick of the light

So I'll tell you like it is
Hang my head at the reasons
There's a place where people go for that
Cause the guilt came crashing in
And said I never will be leaving
I don't think I can handle that
Those days, they set it off
And it kinds of rips your heart out
On my knees I swear to that

Battlestations all alone
This is where the hard times roll
I've got a place for you at home
This is where your head, it goes

Facing up, I found your letter
Made me want to call you
Go back to where we started from, again
Waking up and I feel better
You're taking up my headroom
I'll wrap my withered arms around you
There's a place where you go dreaming
Send off trails of thunder
I'll trace them up and down your spine, again
So you know that if you feel it
I'll be waiting for you
Waiting through the seasons
I'll wait for you

It's all just a trick of the light
All just a trick of the light

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