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Kings Of The Mountain

This song is by Lonely the Brave and appears on the album The Day's War (2014).

Don't tire now,
Don't tire now,
We've not got far to go
I can taste it,
I can taste it now,
We're past the bottom.

If we go higher now,
Go higher now
And leave that path below
When we make it
Then we'll face it down
The long forgotten.

The turning of the storm
The carving of the day
The beating of our hearts
Will light the way

Seek solace from the storm,
The fire's out,
But we'll stay warm,
The shadow that did
Beckon us along,
Will rise and fall.

Keep these memories of the sun in,
When they fire up,
Let them run.
We'll push on through
Until our legs are done
And then we'll crawl.

We'll rise
The turning of the storm
And fall
The carving of the day
And when we get there to the top,
My fiend,
We'll call your name.

We could have just sat there till dawn
But we went
We could have just sat out the storm
But now we're kings of the mountain.

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