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Call Of Horses

This song is by Lonely the Brave and appears on the album The Day's War (2014).

Time has made it's last decision,
As the ghosts ride in.
They keep changing their positions,
Keep cross firing.
So let your heart be like a lion,
When your legs ride in.
Something hiding in the distance
I see it,
And my hopes diving.

Don't let those
Words come back
To haunt on me.
Let the call
Of horses
Fall right
Over me

When I was born
I had my fathers eyes,
Now they can't
Believe what they see.
I'm in the shadow
Of the crow tonight,
And there ain't
No light on me.

So pick up your legs.
My friend,
Let your back
Be all I know,
Cause there's Vultures
On the skyline,
Let the call of horses
Fall right over me.

We rode on,
Oh, for and exit light.

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