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Black Saucers

This song is by Lonely the Brave and appears on the EP Backroads (2013) and on the album The Day's War (2014).

I've been drinking with these Demons,
Those creatures with the claws,
I have.
I've been pushing their heads underground,
Backwards to the core,
I have.
I've been up and down that river,
Man, I want to see the shore,
So I can.
Just make it to that secret light
That breaks before the dawn,
I can.

We sat silent in the forest
We sat waiting for those demons
We'll bring them down.

We stood waiting for the coming
We stood hating on those demons
We'll bring them down.

I can't see their faces anymore,
I can't hear those creatures in the corn,
I can't see those demons at my door.

We took their hearts
On common ground,
It was easy
The sullen rain
Came falling down
To catch the demons.
And their blackened eyes
Don't make no sound,
And the calm lasts forever.

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