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Metal Rap

This song is by Lone Rager and appears on the album Metal Rap (1984).

What's that loud, brash noise I hear
That leaves a ringing in my ear
Makes plaster fall and foundations resettle
Oh my god, it's Heavy Metal!

You can't go dancin' to its beat
You maybe tripping over your own feet.
But chill out brothers, don't get tempermental
There's just no stoppin' Heavy Metal!

(METAL MUSIC) Wait before you call it trash
(METAL MUSIC) Even though you're close, some call it thrash
(METAL MUSIC) Makes you want to bank your head
And here come the Majors to sign all the Ragers

It started with a band called Cream
To play like Clapton was a dream
Then Iron Butterfly and MC5
Without airplay to stay alive

Of course, Blue Cheer had the "summer time blues"
They came on fast and then they were news
It seemed we've lost to never win
And then there came Led Zeppelin

(METAL MUSIC) Spurned by every noble scholar
(METAL MUSIC) Mass appeal amongst blue collar
(METAL MUSIC) Makes you want to bank your head
And here come the Majors to sign all the Ragers

Of course, Jimi Hendrix cried out to the sun
And with Mountain climbing the onslaught begun
Ozzy and Sabbath filled up the void
Blackmore's Purple and Rainbow just simply destroyed

It just kept a-comin', no more hit or miss
From the wilds of New York cam the monsters called Kiss (Hey!)
Just reminiscing got me sentimental
You know we're rappin' Heavy Metal!

(METAL MUSIC) Hardly played on radio
(METAL MUSIC) Is it too fast or are you too slow?
(METAL MUSIC) Don't worry, you won't hurt your neck
If you banged your head every once in a while you wouldn't be a nervous wreck.

It quieted down then once again
It was New Wave and Disco, not Matshalls on ten
The music industry's forgotten stepchild
All that leather and spikes they found it too wild

Metal just disappeared from all airwaves
Those Demonic album covers with crosses and graves
But they couldn't stop the metal
They couldn't kill the Beast
On came the onslaught of Scorpions and Priest!

And yesterday's giants grew bigger than ever
Sold millions of records as producers got clever
Getting even heavier,
Yeah it's Heavy Metal!

(METAL MUSIC) Spreading fast throughout the land
(METAL MUSIC) On every block of Europe was a metal band
(METAL MUSIC) Makes you want to bank your head
For women and men who need it at ten

From England came Motorhead, Maiden, and Angelwitch
From the U.S. Metallica, Quiet Riot, Ratt and Bitch
Anthrak, Great White, Dokken, and Slayer
Everyone heavy, each musician a player

ManOwar, Wild Dogs, Rods, Motley Crue
It seems every day there's somebody new
From Europe Accept, Bodine, Bullet and Trance
And Warning, H-Bomb, and Trust from France

Venom and Fate with metallic madness
The Japanese Bow-Wow, X-Ray, and Loudness
And just when you thought it all reached a standstill
Came the Canadian onslaught with Exciter and Anvil.

You want more?
Want your head to cave in?
I dare you to last one night with Raven!

(METAL MUSIC) Snubbed by every noble scholar
(METAL MUSIC) Mass appeal amongst blue collar
(METAL MUSIC) Makes you want to bank your head
And now all the Majors are signing the Ragers

Just one thing guy:
What rhymes with Maiden?
Super Heavy Molten Laden.

And Metallica?

That's Heavy...

I'm rappin' Heavy Metal

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