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​Feeling Fascist?

This song is by London After Midnight and appears on the album Violent Acts of Beauty (2007).

Are you feeling Facist?
Are you feeling mean?
We don't need the reason
We don't need a thing
We'll destroy just who we want to
Brutality is in
Oppression is a weapon
Chaos is a key

Ignorance is really bliss
Should be happy
If you renounce to only this
We're really sorry

We've never heard of a free will
Independence is a sin
If you think you're superior
Than you're as good as in
It's psycho's individual
Arogance denial
So much more awaits you there
We're sell it by the mile

I don't think so
Though we never let the truth get in the way

When you're crucified
Where you turn to?
You can sell your soul to cover off the pain

So if you feeling Facist
And if your contentions /are/ clean
We're holy more than everyone
In morally supreme
Don't question what we tell you
Just take power what we sell
Why should we serve in heaven when we could hold all
In hell