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Claire's Horrors

This song is by London After Midnight and appears on the album Selected Scenes From The End Of The World (1992) and on the album Oddities (1998).

Spirits seem to drift up through a darkened sky
Twisting through dead branches in the night
While in the moonlight we
Go down upon our knees
Entwined together only we can see their beauty
Beneath the stars a bell begins to toll
For reasons which we really shouldn't know
So take a walk with me down to the cemetery
Wrap me in darkness, Claire make love to me...

I am hunter
I am prey
I am pleasure
I am pain

Only in darkness can there be light
Tell me angel, have you prayed tonight?
Burning darkness, red ecstasy
Pull me closer and make me bleed

In the dark I know you all so well
Beauty from heaven wrapped 'round souls from hell

So take a drink from me
My sacrifice to thee
Damned fallen angel
Always blessed with me

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