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​Worn Path

This song is by Loma Prieta and appears on the album Last City (2008).

The well worn path
Can step the past edge
But cannot carry the barrier, the pestilence

We're to close to this
To rise and fall
Like waves at sea
Closed cities
Get close to this sincerity
A set aside shipwreck
Olive tree

Devotion to rescue
Abandon the close chase
When you reach the shallows
Sick fucks
Sick cities
My hometown merriam webster's says
"Skoal" means
"A toast to your health"
Look it up
Last sentence,
An idea so vast you can't find the words
The core was at the center all this time
Do something with the days,
The insurmountable
Run around

At its source
The need dependence
A seahorse titleist's rise and fall like waves at sea