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Way of life

This song is by Loikaemie.

I sometimes stretch your fuckin' rules
But I'm not dumb, I'm not a fool
I don't need anybody tellin' me what I have to do
I know what I want 'cause that's my attitude
I won't be dictated to
I do what I want to do
And if the people on the streets cannot understand
I also sometimes convince them with violence

I'm no boozer, but I'm sometimes drunk
I tell what I want, I have a ready tongue
Many tried to missuse me for their own aims
But I'm still independent and go my own way

Diffamed by the press, standered by society
They only tell you lies because of their density
So don't believe those muckmuckers and their fictitious news
Come to me and I'll show you what's false and what's true

Ref.: I like my way, my way of life
I'm a skinhead that's my pride
Oi! is my music, belongs to me
It stands for the cult and unity

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