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Safely from the City (2004)Edit

Locksley safelyfromthecity
Safely from the City
  1. Only a Girl
  2. Safely from the City
  3. Into the Sun
  4. Homecoming Queen
  5. Grey Suit
  6. T.I.B.
  7. Up the Stairs
  8. You Were Right About the High
  9. For You
  10. You and You and You
  11. May
  12. For the Summer

Locksley (2005)Edit

Locksley - Locksley (2005)
  1. Into the Sun
  2. Don't Make Me Wait
  3. All of the Time
  4. She Does
  5. In Love/In Time

Don't Make Me Wait (2007)Edit

Locksley - Don't Make Me Wait
Don't Make Me Wait
  1. Don't Make Me Wait
  2. Let Me Know
  3. All Over Again
  4. All of the Time
  5. She Does
  6. Why Not Me
  7. My Kind of Lover
  8. The Past and the Present
  9. Into the Sun
  10. Up the Stairs
  11. It Won't Be for Long
  12. For You (Part I)
  13. For You (Part II)
Bonus tracks on 2008 reissue
  1. Only a Girl
  2. Safely from the City
Additional bonus track on iTunes release
  1. All of the Time (acoustic)

Garage Sale (2008)Edit

Locksley garagesale
Garage Sale
  1. Grey Suit
  2. Homecoming Queen
  3. You Were Right About the High
  4. T.I.B.
  5. Those Were the Days
  6. May
  7. Hello Tomo (Pavey's Song)
  8. All of the Time (acoustic)

Be in Love (2010)Edit

Locksley Be In Love
Be in Love
  1. Love You Too
  2. Darling, It's True
  3. One More Minute
  4. Days of Youth
  5. 21st Century
  6. Away from Here
  7. The Whip
  8. Down for Too Long
  9. On Fire
  10. It Isn't Love
  11. The Way That We Go
  12. The World Isn't Waiting

Locksley (2011)Edit

Locksley - Locksley
  1. The Whip
  2. Oh, Wisconsin!
  3. Darling, It's True
  4. Days of Youth
  5. The Way That We Go
  6. All Over Again
  7. Love You Too
  8. Don't Make Me Wait
  9. She Does
  10. All of the Time
  11. Away from Here
  12. 21st Century

Live and Unreleased SongsEdit

Additional information

Band members:
  • Sam Bair – drums (2003-)
  • Kai Kennedy – lead guitar, vocals (2003-)
  • Jordan Laz - bass (2008-)
  • Jesse Laz-Hirsch – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (2003-)
Former members:
  • Aaron Collins – bass, vocals (2003-2008)
Record labels:

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