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No Problem

This song is by Local H and appears on the album As Good as Dead (1996).

I'd Like to think that it's out of here
You'll blow into town maybe twice a year
To Check on me to see if I'm still here
And make me think that it's my idea

And everything in the world is free
I come to you so easily
I never felt a sense of meaning
You that I refuse to see

You had me but it's over now x3
It's No Problem x2

I'm not really sure why I let you win
Or even why I let it begin
I've always been an easy in
I'm easy out the door again

I know it's only because your down
That you ever wanted to come around
Just a little secret in a little town

You had me but it's over now x2
You'll get my attention again somehow

It's No Problem x4

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