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Big World

This song is by Lloyd Cole and appears on the album Easy Pieces (1985).

This is the story of a most unfortunate girl
Millicent, forever ill, at odds with this world
Big bad world

She has nametags on her clothing
So that she can be herself
When she goes out into it
She comes back as someone else
She lost herself

Millicent is doing it again
Millicent is losing everything

She can't go out dancing
Or go jogging in the park
Her idea of fun is a Walkman and some dark
Big world

Millicent is running out of space
Gloria is blowing her away

Scratched her name upon the door
And locked herself away
Just ran out of space
But ain't it hard to be yourself, these days

Millicent is losing everything
Millicent is under polythene

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