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No Click Remix

This song is by Lloyd Banks.

(Tony Yayo)
Yee nigga
Fuckin' back hunger for more
Tony's home
Yo Banks I told these niggas man
(Lloyd Banks)
Y'all done fucked up now
{Tony Yayo)
Here We go

(Chorus: Lloyd Banks)

Ain't no click like the one I'm with
If the drama gets thick it's the guns I get (Now)
G Unit niggaz is runnin' this shit (Now)
If you ain't reppin where you from this is (Down)
We gettin' dough everywhere we go
And it's killin' 'em slow just to hear me blow (Now)
G Unit niggaz is runnin' this shit (Now)
If you ain't reppin where you from sit down

(Verse 1: Lloyd Banks)

By now I know you done seen me
On your stadium or TV with three eighty on the EV
I skeet babies on your breezy
And I ain't stoppin' Only Jacob the jeweler ca-freeze me
Leaves me and its bye bye gone
We got guns like Pop-eye arms
I put a ring on their finger But the rats still askin
Cause there's one in all they mind I'm the Rap Phil Jackson
I built a rep for murderin every Whoo Kid, Kayslay and Big Mike
Admit it the kid tight, And you ain't even put up a fight
So its back to da amatures, Wrapped in ya sandwhiches
I'm hot now so the rats wanna stand with us
They hop in the van with us and clap on cameras
I hit the clubs now I'm back tourin Canada
Amongst weed smokers, and crap floor gamblers

(Verse 2:Jae-Hoffa)

I was told at a young age, to go let the gunz blaze
And don't believe the hype and be the one the front page
My name Jae-Hoffa and I know shit
When I drop, you gon' feel it like a rhino hit

Alotta dudes got mouths like they armed witta pistol
Till they see da burna in hand, arm out the window
Quit actin' like my wrist don't glow
Cause my rocks is yellow like its winter and I pissed on snow
Dudes like to underestimate till they get a tech in face
And wanna be witnesses when a nigga get a weapon case
Album bout to drom so baby do-da-date/you ca-call me R.kelly I'll spray you in da face
Talkin' 'bout you got a benz when you don't own no car
And my goons-a-lay you down like a porno star
Yeah, I'm lookin' hotta, hey/wit a uzi two shotsa-a-knocka-way-two-cops-a-block-a-way, nigga!

(Verse 3: Tony Yayo)

(Ayo Let me put some work in, it's been a while

Ayo, uno, dos, tres, cuatro
My clique eat like the 12 holy apostles
And bust down models in flushed out tahoes
Jewels froze look like we hit the lotto
P89, my clique filled wit hollows
Stun in the club get hit with yellow bottles
Don't speak ma, if your neck don't swallow
'Cause 50 push bentleys and Dre push Diablos
That Eminem money got cash in my eskro
Screws Mcduck say swimmin in my cash flow
Yay rappers cracked man I got the best blow
Best flow, Banks put me in the booth lets go
Think like castro, Games in the lasso
Don't jump in the Benz without steps on the petro
God gave me this flow so I am special and 16 bars nigga I'm finished, finito!

(Tony Yayo)

We Told YAll Muthafuckas Man!
Y'all Niggas Look Like Us And Smell Like Us But Your Not Us Man!
Lloyd Banks Hunger For More!
We Back Nigga!
50 The General!
Young Dezzy Buck!
Jae-Hoffa, The leader of the newschool Ngga, he only 15 and bout to murder y'all faggots
The Rap Game Is Ours Nigga!
Hunger For More!
This For Them Gangsta, Them Generals, Them Comrades!
Uh Huh!
This Is Rida Music! (HaHa)

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