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This song is by Lloyd Banks, features Avant and appears on the album The Hunger For More (2004).

I am the one you denied
Pushed me off every time I tried
But I'm all right
I'm able to swallow my pride
And put all the bullshit to the side
If your ready to ride
I'm down for a one night stand
Ill accept it any way that I can
'Cause I ain't yo man
Ill try for what ever its worth
Just remember who played who first

(Lloyd Banks)
I can't keep my eyes off you
I can tell why them other guys lost you
Your kinds rarer then a flying saucer
And that's why I can offer
Similarities in our characters
Havent ya heard the word around town
How I get down
They all whistle
Every bodypart is official
And that ass withchu got my dick hard as a missile
Don't hop on top
'Cause I ride around with a pistol
If they pull us over I'll be out of town with a issue
If you was mine, Id introduce you momma girl
Your style and your boots are Gabana
I'm so used to your Prada
I take trips 'cause out in Houston its hotter
Throw on that Al Green and use the Impala
Make my jewels on my collar
Ya had me feelin' like a fool when I hollad
Tryina squeeze in but you wouldn't bother
And I ain't either
Soon as I realize that I ain't neither
She in a rush to get close to me but I ain't eager

(Lloyd Banks)
Look I don't mean to bother you
But your sex appeal is remarkable
You make a G wanna walk around in the park witchu
There ain't no tellin' the kinda things Ima start to do
If I get wrapped up on your ass too fast
I can tell you feel the same 'cause when I ask you laugh
So Ima leave it at that
Take a hint and put in my math
I imagine your body look twice as good in the bath
And I'm buggin
'Cause I can see you right in the hood when I pass
I'm never stable 'cause business is on my ass
But you can be the one that I visit before I dash
And I admit I been the type to hit and split
But you can't blame me for the females that I been gettin' wit
'Cause mosta these broads has had they eyes on my grit
Till they eat this shit and learn to be satisfied with the dick
And If you ain't worth it - that's all you get
I ain't gonna blame you, Ima blame all you tricks

(Lloyd Banks)
Its seems like your attitude, only appears when I'm mad atchu
And several situations occur and that includes
When I'm going too long, ridin' through them avenues
As soon as I get home there's rumors and scattered boos
You know my fantasies
Am I feelin' things? And can this be?
Your girlfriend tryina sandwich me
My hearts colder than sandwich meat
'Cause I come from the hood where the hammers be
I move fast but I switch pace
And pop a listerine strip in
Before you get all up in the bitch face
Movin your body like this
Gonna make me blow like a bottle of Cris
Man I dunno. No, and how did it twist
Ya got my temperature risin'
From your hips and your thighs
And that glare in your eyes'll brighten up the horizon
It comes naturally, I don't bribe em
Its easy as one, two, three and I slide in