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This song is by Lloyd and appears on the album Southside (2004).

Lloyd lyrics


Life ain't sweet
Damn shol ain't peachyjus keep ya head up
(Oh babe)

As I dig deep inside my soul
Look into my past
And all that I had through these glass windows
I find myself wanderin all alone
About the ways that yesterday
Changed the path I chose

Ain't no tellin' where I'd be
Dead or in the penetentiary
From shootouts wit my enemy
Squeeze until my clips empty
But would they give sin to me
By the hands that was lent to me
Know that it was meant to be
To take over this industry

(Lloyd talkin:)

Its goin' down
Nomore gettin' left behind
Its time to shine
Mind on my grind

And only the Lord knows
If I don't succeed
Then my family's left out in the cold
So I gotta play my cards
'Cause if I fold
No supersta
Expensive cars
Or designer clothes

(Lloyd talkin:)

Never feelin' bad
Situations gettin' sad
Gotta move on
Sun gone shine
Jus wait till mornin
Outta all the struggles
All the pain
All the hurt
Its all right
Gotta be strong
Time moves on
No matter what
When situations get bad
When times get sad
Gotta keep yo head up
Gotta keep ya grind up
From 99
Never let it behind

Just gotta stay ahead of the race
Keep up my pace
It wont be long
When a feelinz all I can take
I see my heartbreak
Just makes me strong
No matter what nobdy say
I got rhymes to make
I'm reachin' for the throne
'Cause I know that my yesterday
Been the best of dayz
Just take it slow

(Lloyd talkin:)

I know
N though I'm young
Money don't grow on trees
I'm only 18
But I done seen some shit
You know
Yeah I run wild
Live the fast lane lifestyle
I can't help ima ghetto child
It's all good
Now I see
Reach 8 feet
You know
Ain't gotta smell that piss in the project halls
I gotta new place to stay now nigga
But uh
Ima still focus
In the hood
I'm comin' back
Takin' all y'all niggaz wit me
Gotta do this together

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