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This song is by Lloyd and appears on the album Southside (2004).

LLOYD (f/ Lil' Wayne) LYRICS


Cash money
Dawg child
Wit ya man Lloyd
Ok dawg child

I know its hot
Cause my guru already laced it
Ain't no replacement
Its hot up in the basement
See this the south
Comin' crunker than your average
Makes you wanna grab it
Cause you gotta have it
See Dawg Child will make it very spiced 'n' Tasty
You really can't help but to move your body crazy
You feelin' suntin n I know you jus can't help it
And I know what ur relievin

That's why
You'll never ever meet anotha playa
As fly
That's the one with the dubbs on slant
That's right
So pretty mama please don't let your chance
Pass by
Cause shawty you jus don't know
That I
Have never ever met anotha girl
That fine
Starin' so hard I didn't even see the
Stop sign
Hit the ground so hard made me
That you need to be wit me

Once you get to know me
You will put me
You're in a trance baby
Promise that you ain't know no one like me
That puts you in a trance like me
You keep on wantin more 'n' more to please me
You're in a trance baby
You wont stop thinkin' what has come over me
You're in a trance crazy

Ill put you in a trance
Ill make you wanna dance
Ill leave you in a trance

Now I know that your used to somethin' basic
Somethin' new
Jus face it
That's how yo time is wasted
And you should do whatever I do
Baby I can show you
How to make your dreams true
And that's why
I look dead into your eyes
And see that you been searchin
Cause your tired of hurtin'
So baby
Wont you just come and roll wit me
I got all that you need
Put your trust in me

(Hook and chorus)

(Lil waynes rap:)

Now when I kick the gamme
I get the dames up in a trance
I'm in the Illarangers
Lil Wayne
Me and my man
Holla at cha boi boi
Who mami wit
She fell in love wit Weezy
Snap outta it
Erase her
So I gotta replace her
It's my roll to say that
Gotta get 'em way back
Way back
Beacuse my backseat is
Bigger then a room
Wea you stay at
I don't play dat
Ima balla B

(Hook and chorus)

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