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I'm Wit It

This song is by Lloyd and appears on the album Lessons In Love (2008) and on the album Lessons In Love 2.0 (2008).

I'm like why commit it's just a waste of time
But some how I'm convinced your not any other girl
And for some reason I'm still holding on
Petty arguments and all our ups and downs
It's been crazy but we been at it for a while
The situation I can't leave it alone.

Girl I don't know this feeling I'm feeling is real deep down inside it's telling me it's right
This feeling I'm feeling is real deep down inside it's telling me it's right
If what your saying is that I can be your only
I'm with it [x3]
Say I will be your say I will be your I will be your.

When you come around I can't find the words to say
I get speechless how you take my breath away
What is it about you I just can't put my finger on
And I ask myself if this is just another game that I'm playing how come this feeling still remains
Am I so blind that I can't see I am wrong
But I don't know.


And no matter what lies problems come nobody's perfect
Just know that you got me this means that we can get through
Baby cause now I know.


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