Lizzy Borden:Menace To Society (1986)

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Album by Lizzy Borden.
  1. Generation Aliens
  2. Notorious
  3. Terror On The Town
  4. Bloody Mary
  5. Stiletto (Voice Of Command)
  6. Ultra Violence
  7. Love Kills
  8. Brass Tactics
  9. Ursa Minor
  10. Menace To Society


  • Lizzy Borden - lead vocals
  • Tony Matuzak - guitars
  • Gene Allen - guitars
  • Mike Davis - Bass
  • Joey Scott Harges - drums

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Albums by Lizzy Borden

Studio albums: Love You To Pieces (1985)Menace To Society (1986)Visual Lies (1987)Master Of Disguise (1989)Deal With The Devil (2000)Appointment With Death (2007)

EPs: Give 'Em The Axe (1984)Terror Rising (1987)

Compilations: Best Of Lizzy Borden (1994)

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