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Blessed The Brave

This song is by Lizz Wright and appears on the album Freedom & Surrender (2015).

Counting days, my loving arms
Always open when you come
Hearts may break
I know, 'cause I have one
But let my kindness
Be like blindness
Counting days as you go away

Blessed the brave
Lost in the waves
And baby blessed the strong (in the strong)
Our love will carry on

Counting days, oh darling
It cuts both ways
Sweet tears may fall
I know why you fail
But let your kindness
Be your blindness
Darling sitting in disgrace

Blessed the weak
The river run deep
And honey, blessed the scared (the scared)
That mean love, love is still there

Let my kindness
Be like blindness
Counting days while it fades
(Hey, ooh)


Written by:

Lizz Wright, David Batteau & Larry Klein

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