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Only Lonely Girl

This song is by Liz Phair.

The braid in my hair smells like the tide
I try to lure you in with a warm look
Boy, you're all alone, doesn't it hurt?
I'm not going to be fickle in love anymore

All the suburned Adams
I've lost interest in them and their winking
Boy, if you turn around, I'll really burst into tears
That person in a hurry can't be you

A thousand sweet words can't compare to the one love I've longed for
Honestly, you're the only one I love
You don't know that though, so I'm the only lonely girl

You seem indifferent to my voice calling out to you
I keep repeating myself like the waves
Boy, I see that far-away look in your eyes
You're next to me , but look as if you're going far away

If I can't express my tender feelings they'll overflow
Why do you act like you hate me?
In your heart it's different, I hope

A thousand sweet words can't compare to the one love I've longed for
Some day they'll be a time when we can be together
I want to believe in it, but I'm the only lonely girl

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