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Big Tall Man

This song is by Liz Phair and appears on the album Whitechocolatespaceegg (1998).

I'm a big, tall man
I cut the grass
My left eye hurts
I am waiting and reading parts
I can be a complicated communicator

Zeus and Athens
Florida driveway
Asphalt and tires
Sand and the beach, rocker panel
Headlights in the dark...
I am drag racing

Fog and the distance beyond it...
Boats and the quiet morning noises...
I'm walking the shoreline
A beer and a cigarette...
A bug with twitching antennae
A button-up short sleeved shirt...

Yes, I'm careening down!
Winding the canyons, now!
Yes, I am broadcasting myself!


Music by:

Liz Phair, Jason Chasko, and Doug Stoll

Lyrics by:

Liz Phair

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