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This song is by Liz Durrett and appears on the album Husk (2005).

This breath that i've taken
Is it yours, is it mine
This life that i've given
Is it yours, is it mine
And as i slip so quickly
I leave it all behind
This growing desolation
Fills me up inside
It's not you, it's not me
It's not me, no but it's not you

This face that you're making
Is it yours, is it mine
This dream that i've broken
Was it yours, it's not mine
My voice calls for salvation
Dying all the time
You search but you can't find me
I'm nowhere to find
I'm not me, i'm not you
I'm not you, no but i'm not me

This death that i'm living
Is it yours, is it mine
This soul you weren't saving
Was it yours, was it mine
And now as i watch you
From the other side
Who is this life you're living
Now that i've lost mine
Is it you, it's not me
Is it you, it's not me
Is it you, it's not me

Written by:

Liz Durrett

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